It's never been easier
for brands to be useful


Finding the best possible thing for a brand to say.
For years this was the main ingredient in good advertising.

Then technology and great ideas changed human behaviour
Today effective advertising finds the best possible thing for brands to do.
A tangible demonstration of the brands distinctive usefulness.

At Beginr we believe advertising finally has the chance to offer consumers real and relevant value.
We do exactly that by following the principles of
Brand Tangibility.

Is the value of your
brand tangible?

We see advertising as an opportunity for brands to be useful. Make your marketing help people and they will consider and choose your brand over the alternatives.

We call this brand tangibility – our way to leverage the brand core into services, information, tools and experiences that people find valuable before, during and after they buy your product.

Consumers today are on a chaotic journey towards decisions. Brand tangibility helps progressive advertisers develop more useful cross-channel platforms that better link to commerce and firmly lead the audience towards choosing your brand.

Claim over!

The way we shop, gather information and choose has changed. Brands need to be ready for constant evaluation – and pure claims rarely pass the test. The claim is no longer the heart of advertising.

So how do you get people to believe in you and engage with your brand? We think the most effective campaigns help people remove daily irritation and frustration in a way that aligns with the core values of the brand. Maybe you can even be funny or spark aspiration?

We believe in the power of an experience-based tangible demonstration of your brand’s value. Think beyond the claim and offer an engaging demonstration of your brand’s use. To be top of mind and preferred, don’t just talk it, walk it.

Productify your ads

A TV ad can still be awesome and a well-crafted headline still be thrilling. Great communication triggers emotions and pleases the senses. 
But the good old tricks need support from more contemporary ways to connect. The good stories need to be more than…well, stories. To come further than just hollow persuasion, today’s advertising sometimes need to come in the shape of more tangible and useful services, tools and experiences. 
Beginr connects some of the best creative storytellers with creatively developed actions and tangible solutions – helping, exciting and enhancing their customer. 
The best way to advertise your products is to productify your ads.

Built for superior agility

Big traditional agencies are trying to adapt to changing demands. The truth is marketing departments today no longer need a full-service agency. They are confident brand guardians in their own right. 
Increasing marketing complexity heightens demand for more agile set-ups: Marketers need more fluid access to the best specialists at all times – and someone close who understands the overall objective and can activate it across channels. 
Beginr provides experience from the biggest and most strategy-driven agencies in Denmark, along with a hand-picked network of prize-winning creatives, specialists and thought-leader technologists.

Why is your business?

Omni-channel, big data, CRM, second screen, beacon, retargeting and what not. We understand your world has become dramatically more complex. Technology and data can optimize your efforts, but will never be able to answer the ultimate “why” that clarifies your purpose and engages people in your brand. 
There has never been greater demand for the interplay between technology, information and creativity. Those who combine an insightful purpose with the right technology and content will be the successful marketers of tomorrow. 
We embrace all aspects of digital but firmly believe that the real “why” of a brand has to be answered before words like “permission” are even remotely interesting for your marketing.

How we work

We are guided by these four steps but believe in flexibility above all.

  • Listen

    Find your use

    We Listen. To you, to your customers, to experts, to past experiences. All to find the true insight.

  • Decide

    Define your brand mission

    We add the “why” that will make your brand or campaign useful for your target audience.

  • Walk

    Make it tangible

    We develop a tangible demonstration of the brand’s “why” and core benefits.

  • Talk

    Be easy to choose

    We connect the demonstration with great creative concepts and optimized campaign ecosystems.

Pick, choose, mix

We’re happy to be your cross channel agency. We would also be proud of being one of your experts.

  • #

    User research and Insights

  • #

    Value proposition and strategy development

  • #

    Brand platform

  • #

    Prototyping and service design

  • #

    Concept and campaign development

  • #

    Design and visual identity

  • #

    Internal Branding

  • #

    Digital engagement

  • #

    Film production

  • #

    Go-to-market strategy and execution

The combined effect

Accumulating more value.

  • Traditional advertising

  • Brand tangibility

  • Both: The combined effect

Forward thinking marketing is no longer only about communicating the brand’s unique DNA – it’s also about building a series of concrete actions to extend the brand narrative. When an inspiring answer to the brand’s “why” is connected with these actions, the company’s ad campaigns create a stronger combined effect.

Let 6.2 million key figures run wild

To show Deloitte as an eye-level growth partner for smaller companies Beginr developed Pitstop. With this online service any company registered in the Danish CVR-index could transform their business into a racecar and battle the competitors. This provided a more exciting introduction to the financial power of understanding key figures – and how to improve them.

Every single race is calculated from 6.2 million live key figures defining the speed of the three cars in the race giving SME business owner a more engaging peep into their growth potential – and Deloitte a well-qualified digital lead.

Watch the case film.

Award winning grill campaign for SuperBrugsen

To help SuperBrugsen win the supermarket grill battle in 2014 and 2015 Beginr developed Grillfaktor. This gave Danes a service that could predict the grill likelihood on every single address in the country and check how much Grillfaktor their exact yard would have around dinner time same day. Based on 5 real time data sources Grillfaktor gave the ability to create a state of emergency in the entire country every time the Grillfaktor was high – by using the media budget according to the Grillfaktor. The campaign won at both Creative Circle and Danish Internet Awards and was runner up in the 2014 Advertising Effectiveness Awards.

Watch the case film.

A 360° experience of the new YouSee TV platform

Together with YouSee, Beginr made one of the first 360° take-over banner concepts in Denmark. By bringing the interface experience from the box directly into the banner campaign, we gave users a 360° experience of the new YouSee product. Beginr developed the strategy, the concept and the creative execution.

Creating the new Bloomingville

When Danish interior darling Bloomingville went next level by expanding into Europe, Asia and the Middle East Beginr helped defining a new category-challenging mission, value proposition and brand platform. The cornerstone in making the strategy come alive was the development of a new global with the flexibility to give both end users and resellers a tailor-made, digital and aesthetic user journey. Beginr helped Bloomingville through the process from the first rough UX to creating all the content and launching the last perfect pixel resulting in a tight flow designed to both drive traffic and direct sales, and never present a dead-end experience.

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Deloitte turned Denmark on

As part of Deloitte’s Olympic partnership with Team Denmark, Beginr developed and executed a concept to activate one of the biggest Olympic sponsorships in the country. The campaign included a cycling team, led by former cycle champion Rolf Sørensen, carrying a lit torch more than 1,000 km across Denmark launching a series of huge local Olympic parties in major Danish cities.

To communicate the event, a campaign website and more than 15 movies were created, including a live broadcast of the daily cycling stage displayed on big screens in the reception of all Danish Deloitte offices.

Watch the case film.


Redefining Mobile and TV with TDC

Beginr helped TDC bring their Mobile and TV offering to the next digital and conceptual level with a new cross-channel platform. The platform demonstrates the benefits of the products with a fresh customer-centric solution based on extensive use of data to prevent churn, cable cutting and out-dated customer experiences.

Leading global retail for Widex

Beginr is the lead global agency for the retail department of one of the world’s leading hearing aid companies. Beginr works in close collaboration with Widex HQ to create advertising and marketing solutions for more that 1,000 retail stores in more than 15 countries. Among a long list of projects, Beginr has helped Widex global retail develop a new communication platform, product launches, traffic-generating campaigns and several digital concepts including The Hearing Pledge – a digital tool that creatively engaged relatives to drive their hearing-impaired family members to a free hearing test in the stores.

A soft landing with Waves

The back-to-school campaign normally targets kids, but the shopping mall Waves wanted to engage the adults as well, to make cross selling more relevant. Beginr found that a common denominator for the kids and adults was to offer a soft landing into the everyday grind after a pleasant and low-beat summer break. “The softest landing in Denmark“ competition framed the entire back-to-school campaign and was activated both online and offline.

The Coop private-label strategy

Coop wanted a strategy framework that could facilitate the revision of all their private-label brand strategies. Together with Coop, Beginr created an aligned framework that enables all Coop’s brand directors to revise and develop strategies based on similar parameters, ensuring that all new private-label strategies are streamlined. The framework was designed to breathe new life into existing private-label brands as well as to support the development of new ones.

Breaking barriers
for Bornholm

On Denmark’s sunshine island, tourism hasn’t been all sunshine in recent years. Despite being attracted by its unique nature and culture, many Danes falsely perceived the journey to Bornholm longer than it is. Beginr helped Destination Bornholm fight these misperceived barriers. The campaign contributed to a successful 2014, turning a negative growth into the first positive in years. It was executed on TV, outdoor, bus advertising, magazines, online and Facebook.

The Partners

Concept Director, Partner

Niels Alberg

Niels combines a background as strategic planner and concept developer at agencies like Advance, BBDO, McCann and DDB, including five years as innovation strategist from the Red Associates consultancy. As the Creative Director at Beginr he ensures a tight connection between user insights, strategy and creative development. Niels is a Master of Science in Sociology.

T.22138754 / /

Managing Director, Partner

Peter Stampe

Peter has a long history of facilitating client agendas as a consultant and Client Service Director at agencies like Kunde & Co, Yellow, Advance and Inclusive. As the Client Service Director at Beginr he ensures all our projects have a clear and business-crucial focus, and that the right people are involved to create the desired effect – both from our network and from the client team. Peter holds a cand.merc.dcm

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